Work in the Netherlands

If you are passionate about the hospitality industry and looking for a full-time job in the Netherlands, you’ve come to the right place. I-Hospitality is a specialized temporary employment agency that focuses on cooks, service, front office, and housekeeping roles in the Dutch hospitality industry. We offer flexible and permanent positions for job profiles ranging from assistant to chef and receptionist to night porter. 

Our team ensures optimal implementation in every situation, whether you’re working in casual or fine dining locations. We work with several hotel groups, restaurants, and holiday parks throughout the Netherlands, providing a diverse range of opportunities for those seeking a long-term career in the industry. If you are interested in applying for a job with I-Hospitality, take a look at our Job overview page for all our recent vacancies. 

Jobs in the Netherlands

Working for I-Hospitality means working in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is a country located in northwestern Europe. With a population of approximately 18 million people, the Netherlands is a small yet highly developed country. Its capital city is Amsterdam, renowned for its picturesque canals and vibrant cultural scene.

Working abroad means getting to know a new country, people and language. I-Hospitality provides all kinds of jobs in the hospitality branch. We work with several hotel, restaurant and holiday park companies. Working in hospitality means working with people and is a varied branch. Varying from small to big teams, in most positions you will have client contact. 

The main language in all our locations will be English. But if you want to learn Dutch, we can only support you on that. The Dutch hospitality branche mainly works with international influenced menus. A current overview of our vacancies you will find on our website: Vacancies

Salary in the Netherlands

I-Hospitality works according to the hospitality collective agreement (horeca CAO). This means all salaries will be varying per function but are based on the hospitality collective agreement. You can find the current salary per function in all of our vacancies online: Vacancies. Please note that the salaries we mention are gross amounts, and your net earnings will depend on your personal situation, including various taxes and deductions. At I-Hospitality, we pay our employees on a weekly basis, based on the number of hours worked in the previous week.

Work and live in the Netherlands

I-Hospitality provides work with accommodation for all our employees. We provide you a private room, with a shared bathroom and kitchen for low rates. The rent has to be paid weekly. 

The location of your house will be a maximum travel distance of 45 minutes (car/bike/public transport) away from your working location. How to travel from home to work we will guide you in this process. 

Healthcare system in the Netherlands

Working with I-Hospitality means that you will automatically be insured. The costs for this is €33,50 per week and it will be deducted from your salary. If you have any questions about the payment details, you can contact our administration department.

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to have health insurance. This means that when you need to visit a doctor for basic consultations, it will be covered by your health insurance. When you sign up for health insurance in the Netherlands, you will receive a health insurance card with your personal ID number. This card is used when you visit a doctor, so they can charge your insurance company directly. It’s important to note that some medical expenses, such as dental care or physiotherapy, may not be fully covered by basic health insurance, so it’s advisable to check what additional coverage you may need.


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