What are we doing about the chronic shortage of catering staff?

Not only is the economy growing, but also the number of people eating and drinking out more and more. Good news for the hospitality industry, right? Certainly, but this means that the hospitality sector will need a total of almost 100,000 extra employees in the coming years. Where do you find it? Having to close your pub because you cannot find qualified staff, the new catering industry can just become a reality. What is the solution?

The total number of hospitality employees will grow in the period up to 2025 from 443,900 at the beginning of last year to 540,800. Until 2025, 60,000 to 67,000 people are needed in the service and 16,000 and 17,800 cooks. The persistent shortage of staff and the tightness on the labor market mean that it is difficult for catering entrepreneurs to find staff.

Catering equipment

These staff shortages are expected to curb growth in the hospitality industry in the coming years. This is a serious problem for many catering entrepreneurs. This time calls for innovative solutions. With the help of, for example,  catering equipment , which is getting smarter, it is possible to take a lot of work off your hands.

A smart kitchen of the future contains equipment that can, as it were, think for itself. How about automated fryers that lift the baskets out of the fat themselves when the fries are ready? Or combi steamers with built-in recipes and pre-programmed preparation programs that can be operated with one button? This is not talk of the future, because this kind of equipment is already there.


Much of this equipment cleans itself, so it can be used immediately the next day. This saves time and hands. Thanks to the connection to the internet, a lot of equipment is in direct contact with the supplier. For example, there are drinks cabinets that automatically pass on the order to the wholesaler.

The National Catering Day will take place on May 21 this year, the first national open day for the catering industry. On this day, the aim is to encourage people to work in the hospitality industry. As many catering entrepreneurs as possible open their doors to students, graduates, job seekers and catering employees. The initiators would like to tackle the shortage of personnel as a national problem. By joining forces together, the image of the hospitality industry can be improved.

High outflow

Finally, catering entrepreneurs can look at what they offer to (future) employees. The outflow is still high, the workload and stress are experienced as very burdensome and the supervision and remuneration of new employees are substandard. Due to a bad image as an employer, the hospitality industry has a lot of trouble recruiting people and retaining employees for a longer period of time. So there is not one simple solution for the shortage of catering staff, but we should look at the bigger picture.

Source: https://nieuws.nl/


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