Jobs with accommodation in the Netherlands with I-Hospitality

I-Hospitality provides a variety of hospitality jobs in the Netherlands. Additionally, the agency also offers housing solutions for their candidates. More information about housing options can be found on this page.

Job opportunities with accommodation: What you need to know

Having a job that includes housing has many advantages. With I-Hospitality, you can find a job in the hospitality industry and get accommodation within a 45-minute commute to your workplace at a reduced rate. It can be hard to find affordable housing in the Netherlands, so having accommodation provided as part of your job package can be a huge relief. Additionally, working in the Netherlands can provide many benefits, such as good salaries, a high quality of life, excellent public transportation, and a diverse and welcoming culture. With I-Hospitality, you can enjoy all these benefits while pursuing your career in the hospitality industry. For more information you go to: Working in the Netherlands

Types of jobs with accommodation available in the Netherlands

There are various expat jobs available in the hospitality industry in the Netherlands, including roles such as chef de partie, sous chef, head chef, waiter/waitress, housekeeping, and more. These positions require different levels of experience and skills, and I-Hospitality can provide further information and assistance in finding the right job for you. More information you can find: Kitchen jobs, Waiter jobs, Cleaning Jobs, Hotel jobs. Check out our most recent vacancies.

All jobs through I-Hospitality include housing. We provide a private room standard. Only the common rooms are shared. We also provide housing through a reduced rate of 91,- euro per week. 

Why choose International Hospitality for your job search with accommodation?

Choosing International Hospitality for your job search means you’ll benefit from a soft landing in the Netherlands, with free airport pick-up and reduced-rate housing. You’ll also have access to health insurance, weekly payment, and car/bike rental. Working through an agency like I-Hospitality means you’ll have access to a network of clients and job opportunities, and support with your job search and application process, helping you to secure your dream job in the hospitality industry in the Netherlands.

How to apply for jobs with accommodation with International Hospitality

To apply for jobs with accommodation through I-Hospitality, simply submit your CV and motivation letter on their website. The agency will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your qualifications and availability. If you are deemed eligible, you will be introduced to potential employers and can expect a thorough interview process. Once hired, I-Hospitality will provide you with accommodation at a reduced rate and assist you with transportation and other necessary arrangements.


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