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“Offering opportunities for international Hospitality professionals in the Netherlands, enabling growth in the hospitality industry”

You earn the same amount as a Dutch employee in the same position
We arrange your accommodation and health insurance
All documents you need to work in the Netherlands are arranged by us
You will receive an additional 8% of the gross salary as holiday pay directly
Your overtime is paid according to the NBBU CLA or the client's CLA

About us

I-Hospitality is a temporary employment agency that focuses on the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. Our international employees are active throughout the Netherlands.

Would you like to gain international work experience and be rewarded according to Dutch employment conditions? Let us know!

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Do you want to work via I-Hospitality? On our site you will find vacancies. Are you interested in one of the open vacancies? Then contact us. You can also submit an open application and we will contact you.

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There is an increasing need for freelancers throughout the Netherlands and therefore also among our regular clients. Are you looking for a temporary assignment? Or would you like the varied nature of being widely deployable throughout the Netherlands through a reliable and innovative partner? Then contact us for an introduction. If you start working via I-Cooks, we take care of the invoicing and we offer you assignments that match your availability wishes.

What other employees say



I would like to thank you guys also that helped me to start my career in holland and keeping the promises that you made, for sure I will talk good about the time I had at I Cooks, very serious company and I hope you guys also the best.

Edmundo G.


First of all i-cooks have been very courteous to me and attentive to all the aspects related to our work as chefs. This treatment gives us confidence and makes us feel better and that is very important when you are in a place far from your home and above all not speaking the native language, in this case Dutch. The language can really be a problem to a better proper functioning of our work in a kitchen. HACCP papers that you have to fill form, orders of clients you have to execute and deliver, etc. Althought I am trying to learn Dutch, it is a difficult language especially for beginners whose native language becomes from latin. Besides this issues of language and communication i am loving the experience. I love my job and Zutphen has being the most wonderfull and magic discovery!

Vitor G.


I'm working for a restaurant in Amsterdam untill now. I'm happy because I-cooks takes good care of all the paperwork, the housing and the placement at my job. At the beginning I was a bit scared of the adventure but now I live with 2 other Portuguese cooks in a house that makes it more fun. The guys of I-cooks are willing to help us with everything, i'm gratefull to be here.

James A.

vacancies i-cooks

I am in Kampen, a small but very beautiful old town, nice people here, friendly. I-Cooks is a placement agency for cooks in Holland. I have had a good experience with them untill now, they look after the people is working with them. The accommodation is also good. My personal motivation is that I like to travel and the payment is better than in Spain. So “dos pajaros de un tiro”.

Jorge C.


I write this letter to thank the welcome, availability and friendliness of the entire team involved in the i_cooks project. this Arnhem-based but working country-wide company has handled and facilitated all the process of arrival, mobility and accommodation in a decent home as well as all the paperwork that is legal paperwork for someone who wants to start working in a country that is not yours. I am very happy right now and considering living for a long time in the Netherlands, that said the only thing I regret was not coming early.

Guihllerme A.

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