Who we are

I-Hospitality is a specialized organization active for the hospitality industry and offers English speaking professionals from Portugal and Spain in particular. Our focus is specifically on chefs, front office employees and housekeeping staff. We ensure the optimal interpretation of every situation in your company. This can be on a flexible or permanent basis and for the job profiles assistant to chef and from receptionist to night porter. This can be based on temporary employment, secondment or recruitment & selection.

With more than 20 recruitment partners in Southern Europe, no challenge is too great.

I-Hospitality is a flexible and service-oriented organization. Thanks to our personal involvement, we are able to evaluate and carefully select our skilled workers.

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What does I-Hospitality do?

Our services can be applied entirely to the wishes of our employers. We understand from our own catering experience and collaborations with various catering companies that all organizations need customization. Thanks to our large, local network, we are always able to fill your open vacancies within a few weeks.


Full Service

I-Hospitality bears the employer risk and with that we take over a large part of your costs. This includes all administrative burdens, social security contributions, insurance and absenteeism counseling.
Working with international employees is bound by many laws and regulations. We comply with these rules and we are happy to advise you on everything to do with hiring flexible, international employees.


Prefer permanent filling of a position? I-Hospitality also offers a solution for this through Recruitment & Select services. After all, placing a search query is always free of charge. A one-off pre-agreed fee will only be paid in case of a successful completion.
Hiring a candidate first for a period on a temporary basis is also one of the possibilities. The combinations in between mean that we can always provide customization.

Freelance Mediation

I-Hospitality helps catering companies of all sizes throughout the Netherlands and Austria who are temporarily looking for, among other things, well-qualified kitchen staff. By matching them with freelancers from our wide database. We provide continuity and a solution for any desired period. For our larger, nationally operating catering and hospitality clients, I-Cooks uses a client-specific file so that the self-employed persons in question are already familiar with the kitchens, working method, culture and colleagues. Let us contact you to find out about your situation.

What makes us unique

I-Hospitality always has the right people available because we recruit internationally and are therefore not dependent on the Dutch labor market. Our professionals are housed near the client and are fully equipped with everything they need to be able to live and work in the Netherlands in a pleasant way. We believe that happy employees are more productive and work longer for you and us.

Would you like to know more about our employees or the services of I-Hospitality? Then feel free to contact us.

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