Mathijs Gielen

Position: Founder & Operational Director

After studying Small Business & Retail Management, Mathijs ended up at the Pathé cinema chain. After working for a number of years, including a contribution to the opening of a new cinema in Arnhem, he started his own business. De Staat Bar & Keuken, an all-day restaurant concept on the Markt in Arnhem, opened in 2017. Because of all the ambition and the gap in the market, he has taken the step to set up his own employment agency for chefs. Started with a number of small assignments in 2019 and has now developed into an unmissable player in the market. As operational director he is mainly concerned with the growth of the company. Which means; the expansion of our partnerships abroad and the overall growth of our team.

Luc Wanders

Position: Founder

With 14 years of experience in the commercial sector, the I-Cooks concept was supplemented with insights and approaches from a different angle.

Niek Tinneveld

Position: Founder & Financial Director

With Administratiekantoor De Liemers, a family business that offers administrative and tax services, Niek's experience and contribution are indispensable within I-Cooks. The work behind the scenes is at least as important as for the scenes. This has contributed to the fact that we are affiliated with the NBBU, the trade association for professional intermediaries in the labor market. We have also earned the quality mark from SNA, Stichting Normering Arbeid. This quality mark has been developed for the temporary employment sector to limit the risks of the work of hirers and employers.

Björn van Alst

Position: Sales manager

With a baggage of experience, new customers are bound to us by Björn. The growth of I-Cooks is made possible in part by the work that the sales manager does. No customer is too small, no order is too big. Where we can help alleviate worries, we do!

Anna Houwers

Position: Recruiter

Trained in the field of tourism and worked for this industry for years. With a perfect command of the Spanish language and the ability to make people feel at ease quickly, the interviews are conducted by Anna. All I-Cooks employees who come to the Netherlands, after careful screening in their own country, are the first to contact our recruiter. By asking the right questions and gathering information about the possible candidates, the best matches are made.

Elena Pacheco

Position: Recruiter

With Elena's Spanish background, communication becomes a lot easier between I-Cooks and the relations from Spain. Daily contact is maintained and expanded with recruitment partners and candidates we work with. Many of our employees enjoy being able to speak to someone in their own language who can help them. This removes a barrier to communication.

Jelle Peters

Position: HBO Graduation intern

I-Cooks has all the papers necessary to supervise students. An MBO or HBO education, if we have opportunities, we are open to help in the development of young, ambitious students. For a graduation assignment from Small Business & Retail Management in the context of market development, Jelle is busy supplying an insightful document that I-Cooks can build on.

Bruno de Oliveira 3
Bruno de oliveira

Position: Recruiter

From Portugal, Bruno works as a recruiter at the office of our royal supplier. With this direct connection between us and the Portuguese market, we can guarantee that he knows how to bind the right people to I-Cooks.