Who we are

I-Hospitality is a specialized temporary employment agency active for the Dutch and Austrian catering industry and offers professionals mainly from Portugal and Spain. Our focus is specifically on chefs, service, front office and housekeeping and we ensure the optimal interpretation of every situation in your kitchen.

This can be done on a flexible or permanent basis and for job profiles from assistant to chef and from receptionist to night porter. I-Hospitality is a flexible, agile organization. Thanks to our personal involvement, we are able to evaluate and carefully select our skilled workers.


There is a rapidly growing shortage of good staff in the Dutch and Austrian hospitality and catering sector. This slows down entrepreneurs in further expansion and in some cases this has already resulted in business having to close their doors because the quality level could no longer be guaranteed.

Good chefs are scarce and those who work in the Netherlands are increasingly self-employed. As a result, 80% of the vacancies are not filled within 9 months. According to I-Cooks and more and more catering entrepreneurs, the solution lies abroad. There is more and more space and demand for experienced, qualified, international kitchen staff.

Strong motivation, relevant work experience and good command of the English language are self-evident. The combination with the Southern European passion for food makes our chefs ideal for the Dutch market.

I-Cooks believes that happy employees, function better and work longer for you and us. By making the arrival and stay in the Netherlands as pleasant as possible, we contribute to this.