How I-Cooks helps catering businesses to cooks

Mathijs Gielen (De Staat) helps fellow catering entrepreneurs find chefs with his new employment agency I-Cooks. 'There are already enough employment agencies, but few who know exactly what is going on in the hospitality industry from their own experience.' Name: Mathijs Gielen Case: I-Cooks (And ...

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I-Cooks: 70 foreign cooks at work in the Netherlands

I-Cooks, the temporary employment agency of catering entrepreneur Mathijs Gielen (De Staat, Arnhem) now has 70 foreign chefs working in the Netherlands. In addition to individual companies, companies such as Meyer Beheer, Landal and a caterer also hire chefs through I-Cooks. 'We're beginning ...

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Staff shortage

What are we doing about the chronic shortage of catering staff? Not only the economy is growing, but also the number of people who increasingly eat and drink outside. Good news for the hospitality industry, right? Sure, but this has ...

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Start I-Cooks

Arnhem catering entrepreneur starts employment agency for foreign chefs Arnhem catering entrepreneur Mathijs Gielen of De Staat Bar & Keuken has started a second company: I-Cooks. Not a café or restaurant, but an employment agency that brings cooks from Spain and Portugal to the Netherlands ...

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