Step by Step

Starting a new chapter and coming to a new country can be very daunting. I-Hospitality helps you along your journey; from your first talk with our recruiters and finding your dream job, to the hiring process and moving abroad. We help you have a pleasant experience and a good beggining. Bellow you will find your journey process step by step.

Step 1 application

Step 1. Application

You have decided, you want a job in The Netherlands in the hospitality sector.. What now?
Start your application through one of our vacancies or through our e-mail.
You can send us your English CV and tell us about your ambitions and your dream job.

Step 2 interview

Step 2. Interview

Within 24 hours, our recruiters will review your application and schedule an interview with you. In the interview, we will talk about your experience and preferences coming to the Netherlands, to ensure the perfect match!

Step 3 job offer

Step 3. Job Offer

If the interview was positive and we match you with one of our open vacancies, you will receive a job offer from us within the first 24 hours after your interview. In it you will have all the information for your hopefully new work-place.

Step 4 First contact

Step 4. First contact

After accepting the job offer, our recruiters will share your profile to the work-place, explaining why you’re the perfect match for the possition. Then, the restaurant/hotel will have the first contact with you to finalice the hiring process.

step 5 Onboarding

Step 5. Onboarding

The conversation went well and you got hired? Perfect! Our recruiters will start your onboarding process. We will get your contracts ready and once you have signed them, we will talk about booking a flight, your first day of work, and of course, your arrival and accommodation.

Step 6 arrival

Step 6. Arrival

You have your ticket and you arrive soon; Our facility department will pick you up at the airport to welcome you to our accommodations. You already know the route to work and when your first day will be, you are set to start your jouney in the Netherlands!

After your arrival

We arrange your BSN number appointment, and all essential documents you need in The Netherlands. You will always have a contact person in I-Hospitality that will offer full support with any questions you might have during your stay.