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Enabling growth in the Dutch hospitality branch

There is a growing shortage of good personnel in the Dutch hospitality and catering sector. This inhibits entrepreneurs from further expansion and in some cases this has already led to businesses having to close their doors because the quality level could no longer be guaranteed. Good cooks are scarce and those who work in the Netherlands are increasingly becoming self-employed. As a result, 80% of the vacancies are not filled within 9 months. According to I-Hospitality and more and

more catering entrepreneurs, the solution lies beyond the borders. There is more and more space and demand for experienced, qualified, international kitchen staff. The combination with the Southern European passion for food makes our chefs ideal for the Dutch market. I-Hospitalty believes that happy employees function better and work for you and us for longer. We contribute to this by making the arrival and stay in the Netherlands as pleasant as possible.

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About I-Hospitality

I-Hospitality is a specialized temporary employment agency active for the Dutch hospitality industry and offers professionals mainly from Portugal and Spain. Our focus is specifically on cooks, waiters, front office and housekeeping and we ensure the optimal interpretation of every situation in your kitchen.

This can be done on a flexible or permanent basis and for the job profiles from assistant to chef and from receptionist to night porter. I-Hospitality is a flexible, agile organization. Thanks to our personal involvement, we are able to value and carefully select our professionals ourselves.

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Meet the team

Cenna I-Hospitality



After completing her studies in hospitality management/entrepreneur in 2019 and with years of experience in the hospitality sector, of which 1.5 years in England, Cenna came to us as a recruiter. Because of her experience in the hospitality sector, she can go deeper into questions and answers and thus recruit the best candidates.

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Antonella I-Hospitality


| Partnership Manager & Recruiter

After completing her psychology degree in Argentina, Antonella joined the company as a recruiter. In addition to playing her role, she, from her knowledge, helps us improve the recruitment and selection process with the aim of increasing our success rate. This involves identifying candidates that meet our client’s needs, achieving better matches, and longer placements.

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Olga team I-Hospitality



Growing up in a family owned restaurant and hostel, Olga got to see the behind the scenes for the hospitality sector from a young age. Since little she admired the cooks, waiters, housekeepers and receptionist, learning on their tasks and always wanting to help.

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Lieke team I-Hospitality



After years of working in the hospitality industry, it was time to hand over the baton to new employees. And then employees from abroad, whom I now recruit myself! Because of this experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry, I know what the customer is looking for and I quickly understand which customer best suits the experience and wishes of the candidates and vice versa.

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Lisanne team I-Hospitality


Project Manager HR and Communication

Lisanne joined I-Hospitality as interim project manager. During this period, Lisanne has left her mark on the organization to such an extent that we can no longer do without her. Lisanne has a communication background and ran her own restaurant from 2017 to 2021. With her hospitality experience she is a huge asset to the organization.

Tijs Reesing

Tijs Reesing

Facility Employee

After completing my training in ‘Project,Management,Leadership’, I started working at I-Hospitality. Within I-Hospitality, together with my colleague Simon, I am responsible for the accommodation of our employees. I make sure that these are always in order. As a host, I also make sure that people feel at home immediately after they arrive in the Netherlands.

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Team Simon I-Hospitality


Facility Manager

During his studies in Entrepreneurship and Retail Management, Simon started with us as a driver. After bringing many catering employees to the accommodation, Simon started part-time with us as a facility coordinator in addition to setting up his own business. In this role, he ensures that our employees enjoy suitable accommodation and transport.

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Mathijs Gillen I-Hospitality

Mathijs Gielen

Founder & Operational Director

After studying Small Business & Retail Management, Mathijs ended up at the Pathé cinema chain. After working for a number of years, and contributing to the opening of a new cinema in Arnhem, among other things, he started his own business. De Staat Bar & Keuken, an all-day restaurant concept on the Markt in Arnhem, opened in 2017.

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Nick Tinneveld I-Hospitality

Niek Tinneveld

Founder & Financial Director

With Administration Office De Liemers, a family business that offers administrative and tax services, Niek’s experience and contribution are indispensable within I-Cooks. The activities behind the scenes are at least as important as in front of the scenes. This has partly ensured that we are affiliated with the NBBU, the branch organization of professional intermediaries in the labor market.

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